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samuel stubblefield


sam stubblefield combines traditional artistic mediums with architecture, film, sound, live data,

and things digital, with the self-described goal of creating a more interesting life for anyone

who happens to come across his work. He also uses his work to explore how everyday life

connects to natural and unnatural phenomena, and how human behaviors connect to

specific possible futures. Stubblefield has created installations for Centre Pompidou, Amazon,

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and London Olympics. Stubblefield is also an instructor at

Experience Institute, the instigator of NOT ART organization, a musician, and founder of a

future-focused incubator with an interest in the internet as a material within fine art and




seemingly unrelated systems - european cultural center, venice

untitled urban sound installation 0013, seattle


bungee 0001 (sculpture), seattle

geochroma (one world trade center), new york

whalesong 0001, seattle

magnet (sculpture), seattle

projection-mapped terrarium 0002 (sculpture), uss intrepid museum, new york

balloon (sculpture), seattle

paludarium 0001 (installation), seattle

yuma, sedona, phoenix (mural and sculpture), seattle

bungee 0004 (sculpture), seattle

inner tubes 0001 (sculpture), multiple locations

ring machine (sculpture), seattle



la différence est une cape, nuit blanche, paris

boisbuchet arrive et conception de l'expérience (performance), poitiers

city light (interactive sculpture), seattle

NOT ART, tokyo, seoul, seattle, sebastian, san reykjavik, paris, oslo, new york, korean, london city, minh, ho chi fargo, copenhagen barcelona 



freedom monument, prague

thank you for everything (mural), seattle

lumit (augmented reality sculpture), everywhere

united nations transatlantic slave trade (sculpture), new york

s china (sculpture), seattle


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Fast Company, Let This Lamp Automatically Tell Your Coworkers Where You Are, May 2014

The Urbanist, Seattle City Light’s Denny Substation, July 2015

Fast Company, This Wall Projects People’s Passions As They Walk By, June 2014

Tech Crunch, Sound and Architectural Vision, October 2014

Fast Company, World’s Coolest Electrical Substation Substation, October 2014

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View Sam Stubblefield's work at NBBJ and on his portfolio.

Connect with Sam on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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