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KC Lockrem

Artist Statement


What makes KC Lockrem’s Art special is that she is able to translate her abundant 

energy into color that flows to the canvas with each stroke of her brush or in layers upon layers of mixed media. While Lockrem finds inspiration from artists such as Hunt 

Slonem, Beatriz Milhazes, Nick Cave, Joseph Cornell, Byard Hollins, Mark Rothko and 

Clyfford Still her work is truly her own and it is unexpected. At first you become attached 

to her work through color but look closely and you will forever find details that you have 

yet to see before. Layers of fabric, gold leaf, candy wrappers, swatches of old paintings 

and a formal background in studio art generate personal depth and artistic narration.  

Beyond the layers of mixed media you find pop culture, modernism, spiritual symbolism, 

including elements of Lockrem’s personal life experiences.  Lockrem describes her work 

as an essence. 


 “I wish to captivate timeless images for generations to enjoy.  Beauty embodies a 

heightened awareness of the senses that brings one into the narrative.  This ultimately 

invites the viewer to transcend in the moment or to simply participate in the dialogue.  

My creative process starts with prayer and that translates into a soulful integration of 

intuition and the “creative zone”.  Painting on this level is very visceral and exposed.  It 

showcases to the onlooker the inside out of my existence.  Vulnerability and strength 

allow for honest and humbled emotions to be interpreted into a dance, sometimes 

leading and sometimes following.”


KC Lockrem’s work has been exhibited from coast to coast in galleries and museums 

since 1991.  She received her BFA in Painting from the School of Visual Arts in New 

York City and has studied painting at RISD, the University of Arizona, the Art Institute of 

Chicago and the San Francisco Art Institute.  Lockrem spent many summers at the 

Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, Colorado learning from a variety of “greats” 

like James Surls, Jane Hammond, Deb Oden and Willie Birch. At the beginning of 2014 

KC approached her brother, an award-winning photographer Brown W. Cannon III 

about collaboration.  She had seen a series of his new photographs printed in tones of 

gold that got her thinking. This visionary partnership has resulted in a unique new 

format that is sure to impress.

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